My Memory Book

Chapter 1
All About Me

By: Reid Erdwien

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     My name is Erdwien, Reid Erdwien. Well, really, the full name is Reid Marshal Erdwien. Thereís no real story to the name Reid, my mom canít even remember why I was named that. Max, my brother, says one of his earliest memories was thinking, ďReid is a stupid nameĒ, however Iím not sure if I believe him. My grandmother wanted my name to be Ace and my middle initial to start with a C, such that my initials would also be A.C.E. I think that would have been neat too. I was born here in Manhattan Kansas, on December 2, 1996.
     I come from a family of five people. My mothers name is Tiffany Erdwien, her maiden name was Mayfield though. She's pretty awesome, I can always come to her with my problems. My father is Neil Erdwien, who works at K-State. I think I get my "nerdiness" from him. Sinclaire is my older sister;she's currently going to college at KU. She thinks she might go to law school after though, and get a job dealing with the law. Max is my older brother, we're very similar. We look less like each other now, but it was a common mistake in elementary school if a teacher would call me Max. I have three grandparents, four aunts, three uncles and six cousins. I see them all pretty often, except for one of the families lives in Pennsylvania. I live on Little Kitten Avenue. It's a stereotypically suburb, not a whole lot going on. We live on a culdesac, on top of a hill. Itís a pretty secluded area to live in. The thing I remember about it is the hill. I walked home from school every day, and at the end I would have to climb up this giant hill to get to the house. Also, our driveway is incredibly steep, so that was the final challenge. There werenít any other kids my age in our immediate neighborhood, so I was never in a neighborhood gang of kids.
     I had a couple funny child habits. First, I had an unhealthy obsession with milk, when I was about five. My mom had to tell me I couldn't have any more milk until I had eaten my food. I have no idea what caused this, I donít even like milk that much at all anymore, excluding chocolate milk of course. I also had a habit of hat wearing. When I was little, my siblings often dressed me up in hats. This caused me to become very hat conscious. In Kindergarten, the class made paper hats to wear;I refused to wear mine because it wasnít a ďrealĒ hat. I still think I look pretty good in hats to this day. Again, I have no idea why this is. Other wierd hobbies I have are collecting soap, and making a giant rubber band ball that currently weighs about fifteen pounds. My closest friend is Neil Kapil. Heís my neighbor and has known me since I was born. Although he is four years older than me, we still get along really well. When he comes over we usually play a game like Mario kart or smash bros. I donít have any strict rules for living, just enjoy life while it lasts.