My Memory Book

Quiz Time!

By: Reid Erdwien

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1. What does the "M" in Reid M. Erdwien stand for?
A. Maple
B. Marshal
C. Mario
D. Marvin
2. What elementary school did I attend?
A. Homeschooled
B. Woodrow Wilson
C. Amanda Arnold
D. St. Brutus's Secure Centre For Incurably Criminal Boys

3. Who is my best friend?
A. Zorlac 7
B. Hunter Bagby
C. Benjamin Moberly
D. Chuck Norris

4. What is my biggest irrational fear?
A. Giant lizards at the center of the Earth slowing eating themselves out
B. Spiders
C. Communists
D. Airplanes

5. What creature and what was the name of my favorite pet?
A. Hermit Crab, Flame
B. Hermit Crab, Crystal
C. Lobster, Artemis
D. Dragon, Flygon

6. Why did my family go to China?
A. Secret U.S mission to infilitrate China
B. Just because
C. World's Fair
D. Family that lives there

2. Where did my mom spend a great summer?
A. Wisconsin
B. Wyoming
C. Kansas
D. Kakazakastan

8. Where did the hat that I wore during the China trip come from?
A. Mongolia
B. China
C. India
D. The 8th Dimension

9. What are the two places I want to work at?
A. Google/Yahoo
B. Google/Valve
C. Valve/Nintendo
D. World Dictator/Universal Overlord

Bonus. What is the average height of a giraffe?
A. 8.5 feet
B. 8.5 meters
C. 5.5 feet
D. 5.5 meters