My Memory Book

Chapter 5

By: Reid Erdwien

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     There are some things in life that you like and some that you dislike. Itís as simple as that. My specific likes and dislikes are too numerous to list individually, so Iíll just give you a general idea of what makes me like or dislike things. Things I like:      
  • Anything to do with technology      
  • Specifically with computers      
  • Math/science/programming/logic      
  • Funny/Witty shows/games/movies      
  • Sy-Fy shows/movies such as: Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who      
  • Snack foods      
  • A combination of relaxing and chilling known as ďchillaxiníĒ      
  • Video games with interesting concepts      
  • Winning      
  • Medium sized cities, such as Manhattan      
  • Anything I deem funny      
  • Unusual fun facts
    Things I dislike      
  • The opposite of everything above      
  • Philosophy      
  • Art      
  • I dislike Max      
  • Max hogging the computer      
  • Max being a jerk      
  • Max making stupid comments
         I have a different view on favorites. I donít believe in classifying things in that manner. This is because everything depends on context. I may like a sad movie when Iím feeling sad, but a happy movie when Iím feeling happy. So I donít believe in assigning favorites, as it would not mean that it would really be my favorite. I know my favorite feeling is fun though, whatever I do, I strive to make it fun.
         My favorite pet was my hermit crab by the name of Flame. He was a bout a medium sized hermit crab, and got his name from the color of his exoskeleton. I had him for several years. He used to get in all sorts of places, I remember the time I left him unattended in my room without a cage. He disappeared, and for several days I was very anxious to get him back. We eventually found him in the kitchen sink, eating some leftover ketchup on one of the plates. He was a very low maintenance pet, and only required occasionally food and water changes. His favorite food that we gave him was a single popcorn kernel. It took him about a week to finish one. When that little critter died, I was depressed for weeks.
         As for my most important moment, like I stated before, I donít believe in the one ďdefiningĒ moment. They have them all the time in movies of course, but thatís not what really happens. What defines somebody are the all of the decisions theyíve made. Not just a single one that happens to bring great realization. Every decision, little or large, have an effect on who I am as a person.