My Memory Book

Chapter 3

By: Reid Erdwien

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     My best friend is Benjamin Moberly. We met in second grade, we were both looking out to the field. We started discussing how they should install an arcade room for use during recess. We have been best friends since second grade. Mainly we would just talk during recess, we didn’t do as much of that running around the playground. Other people joined us in our little group throughout the years. People that started hanging out with us included, Hunter Bagby, Oliver Franko, Nathan Strange and Krista Dix. We formed our “nerd table”. Sometimes we had meaningful discussions about politics, and other times it was completely random. Nothing much changed in the transition from sixth grade to seventh. The table stayed the same, and the discussions were also varied. When we graduated from seventh grade and moved into eighth, the table was forever changed. The school decided to split the lunches up by purple and silver, as opposed to splitting it by seventh and eighth grade. Hunter and Oliver are in silver, so they have second lunch, effectively breaking up the original “nerd table”. Now, between some people argue between whether Doctor Who or Star Wars would win in a fight, while I play moderator. That’s fine, but it can get a little heated at times.
     My childhood friend was Jake Rod. I don’t remember how we met, or how we became friends. Jake and I used to just run around and play on the swings a lot. I don’t even think that they’re were other people that we hung out with, just him and me, acting stupid. I remember while on the swings we used to yell at people, we were probably really annoying to the people. Yep, kindergarten was a much simpler time. He did get annoying at some points. Sometimes, when I just wanted to be left alone, he would follow me around. At some point, he moved out of town, I don’t remember where though.
     I look up to people in my family for various reasons. They all have various qualities that I admire in people. Firstly, my mother is one of the most caring people I know. Aside from taking care of the whole family, in her spare time she volunteers at organizations such as Toys for Manhattan and the Parent-Teacher Meals. My father is one of the smartest people I know, he works a technical job that has a name that keeps changing. So I never know the name of his job. Also, he buys and sells stock on the side, and is good at that too. My sister Sinclaire is super fun to be around. Even though she’s in college now, we can still be silly and have a lot of fun. My brother, Max, is clever and funny which are traits that I find admirably in many other people as well. I would hope that people would think of me as all of the above traits. I strive to be all those things, so I can hope that I have acheive them.